Jan 04

Dennis is born!

Almost three months have passed since the birth of our son Dennis. He was very a small baby, just imagine the weight 2.690 kg, and the height only 47 cm! But we are now rapidly gaining weight and today’s Dennis weigh more than a 5 kg! Growing by leaps and bounds. Dennis is already quite a big boy – about 60 cm. We will see, if he will be as large as he’s grandfather Valerij.
We are so happy with him!!! And you know, I can’t imagine a life without him anymore.
Denisek po porodu
From the first day of birth, our Dennis is already a swimmer of course with a help of grandmother as a professional specialist and a grandfather as a swim coach and of course with a father that actually teachs Dennis to swim. A grandmother Olga keep an eye on a swim technique, that we are using and together we’re preparing a metodology.
Denis 2 a pul
If you are interesting in how to teach your child to swim, please write a comment.

Oct 03


A little bit different post today, but also important for our family.
Me and my baby graduation, we are Bc.!
I would like to thank all my family, that helped me really A LOT, I appreciate their patience and trust in me.

Oct 03

The stork is coming!

The stork is coming!
Our dear friends Mrazy invited a stork to our home. We made a house on the roof for him. He diligently flapping his wings and soon he will bring us a little baby!
the stork is coming
Such an interesting tradition comes from Germany – a family that is expecting a baby decorates their house with a stork figure and all the neighbours quickly find out the most important news.
a doll
Our dear friends also brought us a wonderful doll with a handmade hat, which grandmother Hana made. It is very cute!

Sep 24

Delivery room

For the first time today we were at the hospital, which we should visit every week till to the day of birth and where the experienced doctors will take a good care to us and also we have seen the delivery room. I was very happy when I saw a comfortable room and the atmosphere were just like at home.

родильное отделение

There is a sofa, a chair, a table, a TV, a radio and some sport accessories – everything for dads that cannot miss a football match! Of course, It is a joke.


Nearby there is a unique chair, which transforms into the bed and other helpful chairs, that are sometimes useful during the birth process, also that chair or bed is already taken by a mommy that will be taken away to the fresh mama’s room directly on this bed. A baby will be at the cradle next to mommy.
We were said that the heart of my baby is beating like it is written in a medical book, we were very happy!


Sep 23

About our health

It is important to have a contact to a good children’s doctor. Who will write reports about vaccination, illnesses and drugs of my child from the main starting point until he will be 18… We had had many requirements for a children’s doctor and we think, that we have chosen the right doctor.
First, a distance is 20 minutes far from our place to the city in a car and then about 40 minutes far to the hospital. It’ quite a long trip in a car with a small baby on board and there is a rule, that on first months of life we should do medical checking almost every week.

For example, the first visit to doctor begins with the first two days after discharge from the hospital. Then your visits will be :

At 14 days
At 6 weeks
At 3 months
At 4-5 months
At 8 months
At 10-11 months
At 12 months
At 18 months
In 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17 years

We were lucky that our doctor is located only 10 minutes far from our place! And we are totally satisfied with her for now – she is a kind person, but a strict professional, so we are quite sure that in a baby medical card there will be an order. And this is enough for a while.
I want to tell you about our children’s doctor, brother’s and mine, her name is Anna Petrovna (God bless her) and she is one of that kind of people, who deserves a monument in a lifetime. I remember her as an extremely kind and pure person, simply that the doctor should be. I respect her, in spite of the fact that I have often hiding from a vaccination when I was little. Today when I remember her and wait for a child of my own, I smile. I wish we have a doctor like Anna Petrovna, but it’s almost impossible…

And now some information about cold baths and health. It has been a month since my husband joined us with a cold baths and pour cold water on himself from a bucket. He suddenly started in a those cool summer days when it is cloudy and cold in the morning before the sun rises. Since then he does not miss a single day, continue grabbing a bucket and pouring cold water with his head, shaping his vessels and helping his immunity to be strong before the cold winter comes. It was quite a surprise when we heard about ice bucket challenge back then.


Why we are doing that? In fact, because of our baby again. We do not want to get stuck laying on a bed for 7 days, we simply cannot afford to have such a luxury today. The newborn have mother’s immunity and it makes him strong, but he is a pretty weak yet, he should manage with his body first.

As for me, I have been having cold baths for 11 years. Our good friends – neighbors showed us an example. And when we was little with my brother, our parents paid close attention to this chapter of our physical development. Mother showed me Nikitin’s book “We and our children”, where I found a lot of information about this. There is a chapter named “The cold is a doctor”, let me introduce a few words from this chapter:
“My baby have a diathesis. His face is sometimes turn into a sore. On the first year of his life we were almost everywhere with him and it means that we have tried ointments and lotions, quartz and blood transfusion, bathing in a various broths, medical drugs, strict diet, but… there weren’t any decisive shift…

Once in a cold winter evening, trying somehow to relieve the itching from a crying little son, I went to the hallway and stand with him in front of a door to the street. For that moment I had myself already slightly freeze, but my son – in a chemise – quickly calmed down and smiled. Since then we began our involuntary “hardening”. As soon as he began to scratch the sores, I grab him and go in a cool hallway or to the glazed terrace and once on a sunny February day we dared to jump out on the street. It was warm at the sun as at spring and snow was glittering. My son delightfully jumped in my arms we cheered up as we looked at him.”

nikitiny my i nashi deti

Nikitin’s writes about the most important thing – to be able to see and anticipate what my baby wants. And other most important thing – do not be afraid “hardening” the child at the very beginning, do not hurry, slowly and mindfully, but regularly. To be regular at this procedure is very important as well.

Sep 07

“Language learning” before birth

I have discovered something amazing! I have discovered that mother’s voice is the most important voice for the baby. During the pregnancy, his brain has long been preparing for the future speech activity and I suppose the only soung that pleases, excites, calms and teaches the baby is definitely the sound of the mother’s voice. “Hush, everything is alright”, – that’s what mother’s voice reminds of. Other voices, including the related ones, does not sound normally for the baby, imagine the voices you hear from behind the wall – you hear someone’s speaking, but do not understand a word. Babies can recognise and remember the intonation, rhythm and melody of their mother’s voice. The baby can hear absolutely everything, especially when his mommy speaks with him kindly or when she speaks with someone else. The baby can easily recognise when his mother is angry or happy, he feels her very deeply, he does not need to understand a word when he perfectly understands the sound of her voice, intonation and emotion. As they said in psychology, the individual behaviour code starts already before the baby birth and any kind word that only dear mother can say should reflect on the character of this code.


To sums up, in the last trimester of pregnancy my baby can already hear voices, he recognise my voice. He reacts to the sunbeam, the darkness, the smell and even the taste of food (he frowns from salted and smiles from sweet). Most importantly, even in the womb, my baby memorize the language that I speak and people around me. That’s why it is very important to give attention to the baby during pregnancy and talk to him, sing to him. There is no other way to influence the early child development of intelligence and creativity, the sooner the better, and I will definitely try it!


It is interesting that my baby fully reacts to each foreign language I speak. He is so smarty! In fact, by the end of my pregnancy, the baby will be such an experienced listener, so that he could immediately notice switching the languages and react especially on emphasis, accent, intonation of total pattern of speech. According to the scientists, when my baby hear a new sound, he surprises and turns his head to the core of this sound. When the sound repeats the baby memorize it and get used to it, then completely learns a new sound. This experience confirms that baby have already a memory before his or her birth, they can learn.


Absolutely right, Elen. You can also try singing or whispering to the baby. Try to read a favourite poem you like. Cicada sounds combined with the aroma of sweet tobacco flower in the evening garden – perfect relaxation for both – mother and child. You can also try ringing a bell, knocking on a little drum, playing the xylophone – remember, each activity must be gentle with a support of a kindly commentary of yours. It’s your baby and you can offer him a lot of things, that you like the most. A brand new universe – your family, with their sounds and colours, preferences and rules. Acctually, the most important is that there is a place for everyone in this universe, for a daddy for example, and everyone are happy there.

Aug 30

32 week + 4

The time has come! And it’s time to sew diapers! It’s not that I’m against of the modern production, but you’ll never know, what come in handy (especially with the newborn…)
sew1 sewing5
As my mother said: “There is never enough diapers in a house, dear, or you may also try sewing once day.” The truth hurts, I don’t sew much. Much more to say – I really don’t))) But the material is worth to try! It’s just a miracle! Flannel is so soft and practical, it’s always at hand – cover, uncover, put under and roll up – for a baby nothing is better.
sew2 sew3
But seriously – why in a modern days…? It’s simple. I feel a new life growing inside me and for today the main care for my future baby is reading, relaxing, doing exercises, healthy eating, going for a walks… sewing diapers, why not? There is 52 days to day D, that I counted. It’s not much.
And I’m waiting… We are waiting))

Aug 30


My dear readers!
I am glad to see your comments at my blog so as my mommy Olga.
I have installed a new application called Disqus, so that you may easily comment through social media or normally as you use.
Looking forward for your new comments!

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