About Me

Hello, I am Elen and welcome to my blog momthinks.net!

I write about my family and most of all about our baby boy that we are waiting at the end of October 2014, and of course about all of the themes that will future show after the baby born.

Why I have decided blogging? This is a good question and every answer is turning around my family.
First, every family have something interesting and extra, for example, in our family, it is quite simple and complicated at the same time – I am Russian and my husband is Czech. Pretty extra, is in it?
Well, this fact is still causes a great interest between our friends, family and even ourselves. It seems that there is nothing surprising about the marriages of people from different cultures, because modern society have accustomed to many things, however, we have noticed the opposite.
We have realized that there will be some contradictions between us (and our parents) about upbringing. What kind of contradictions? Quite simple. Just a week ago our mothers were arguing about bathing a newborn child and it turns out that every child in our family were bathed without fear of getting cold and water was getting into the eyes and ears, on the contrary in my husband’s family there were nothing like this – eyes and ears remained dry for a long period.

Then, there is a cultural prism that lullabies, songs, habits and languages are getting through.
It’s true that Russian and Czech culture are quite close, in fact we are all the Slavs. On the one hand, this fact calms us, young parents, on the other hand if there will be everything that simple, I would not starting this blog.
In this blog there will be also commentaries from my mother Olga – psychologist and specialist in early intellectual development.

Hope you’ll enjoy it!


The beginning of all beginnings – a small child who was not born yet, but already loved and waited.
I must say that we are wainting for a long time, it’s our first grandson, the long-awaited.
I’m grandmother and I want to write here not only from myself, but from our grandfather as well, because we are waiting for our grandson together.
It was quite a surprise, when we got news about positive pregnancy test on 14th of the February 2014, on the Valentine’s Day.
We have a big family – father Valery – an engineer, workaholic, the right person with a gentle soul. Mother Olga – psychologist (early childhood), son Eugene – linguist, philosopher, our son-in-law Bohumil – an economist and daughter Elena – an economist, golden hands. So, we were waiting and thinking. It’s not that easy to get the right knowledge and experience of two cultures in an unborn person, but with understanding and motivation we believe that it is possible. The main motive is love, the best motive.
Little by little we are reading and translating the Nikitin’s book, and our son-in-law have accepted and began to pour cold water with us. It’s called hardening or getting a cold bath. We are always discussing together almost all the moments of our new life with a newborn baby and we find understanding.
I only wish that our understanding will continue.