Sep 23

About our health

It is important to have a contact to a good children’s doctor. Who will write reports about vaccination, illnesses and drugs of my child from the main starting point until he will be 18… We had had many requirements for a children’s doctor and we think, that we have chosen the right doctor.
First, a distance is 20 minutes far from our place to the city in a car and then about 40 minutes far to the hospital. It’ quite a long trip in a car with a small baby on board and there is a rule, that on first months of life we should do medical checking almost every week.

For example, the first visit to doctor begins with the first two days after discharge from the hospital. Then your visits will be :

At 14 days
At 6 weeks
At 3 months
At 4-5 months
At 8 months
At 10-11 months
At 12 months
At 18 months
In 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17 years

We were lucky that our doctor is located only 10 minutes far from our place! And we are totally satisfied with her for now – she is a kind person, but a strict professional, so we are quite sure that in a baby medical card there will be an order. And this is enough for a while.
I want to tell you about our children’s doctor, brother’s and mine, her name is Anna Petrovna (God bless her) and she is one of that kind of people, who deserves a monument in a lifetime. I remember her as an extremely kind and pure person, simply that the doctor should be. I respect her, in spite of the fact that I have often hiding from a vaccination when I was little. Today when I remember her and wait for a child of my own, I smile. I wish we have a doctor like Anna Petrovna, but it’s almost impossible…

And now some information about cold baths and health. It has been a month since my husband joined us with a cold baths and pour cold water on himself from a bucket. He suddenly started in a those cool summer days when it is cloudy and cold in the morning before the sun rises. Since then he does not miss a single day, continue grabbing a bucket and pouring cold water with his head, shaping his vessels and helping his immunity to be strong before the cold winter comes. It was quite a surprise when we heard about ice bucket challenge back then.


Why we are doing that? In fact, because of our baby again. We do not want to get stuck laying on a bed for 7 days, we simply cannot afford to have such a luxury today. The newborn have mother’s immunity and it makes him strong, but he is a pretty weak yet, he should manage with his body first.

As for me, I have been having cold baths for 11 years. Our good friends – neighbors showed us an example. And when we was little with my brother, our parents paid close attention to this chapter of our physical development. Mother showed me Nikitin’s book “We and our children”, where I found a lot of information about this. There is a chapter named “The cold is a doctor”, let me introduce a few words from this chapter:
“My baby have a diathesis. His face is sometimes turn into a sore. On the first year of his life we were almost everywhere with him and it means that we have tried ointments and lotions, quartz and blood transfusion, bathing in a various broths, medical drugs, strict diet, but… there weren’t any decisive shift…

Once in a cold winter evening, trying somehow to relieve the itching from a crying little son, I went to the hallway and stand with him in front of a door to the street. For that moment I had myself already slightly freeze, but my son – in a chemise – quickly calmed down and smiled. Since then we began our involuntary “hardening”. As soon as he began to scratch the sores, I grab him and go in a cool hallway or to the glazed terrace and once on a sunny February day we dared to jump out on the street. It was warm at the sun as at spring and snow was glittering. My son delightfully jumped in my arms we cheered up as we looked at him.”

nikitiny my i nashi deti

Nikitin’s writes about the most important thing – to be able to see and anticipate what my baby wants. And other most important thing – do not be afraid “hardening” the child at the very beginning, do not hurry, slowly and mindfully, but regularly. To be regular at this procedure is very important as well.

  • Olga Motkova

    Добрый день, вопросы о здоровье малыша можно писать и задавать здесь, ведь здоровье как физическое так и психическое волнует мам всегда. Жду ваших вопросов. С уважением Ольга (психолог, раннее развитие).

  • Olga Motkova

    Ответ на вопрос о прививках на страничке- раннее развитие. Здесь хочу добавить только то, что прежде чем принять какое-либо решение по поводу какого-либо действия со своим ребенком, за жизнь и здоровье которого вы в ответе сполна, будьте сами уверены на 1000% в нужности, необходимости, безопасности и несомненной пользе этого предприятия. Тогда все будет правильно и верно. Не сомневайтесь, так как Ваш ребенок- это Ваша Вселенная, черпайте силы и уверенность в своей Вселенной и будете правы.