Sep 07

“Language learning” before birth

I have discovered something amazing! I have discovered that mother’s voice is the most important voice for the baby. During the pregnancy, his brain has long been preparing for the future speech activity and I suppose the only soung that pleases, excites, calms and teaches the baby is definitely the sound of the mother’s voice. “Hush, everything is alright”, – that’s what mother’s voice reminds of. Other voices, including the related ones, does not sound normally for the baby, imagine the voices you hear from behind the wall – you hear someone’s speaking, but do not understand a word. Babies can recognise and remember the intonation, rhythm and melody of their mother’s voice. The baby can hear absolutely everything, especially when his mommy speaks with him kindly or when she speaks with someone else. The baby can easily recognise when his mother is angry or happy, he feels her very deeply, he does not need to understand a word when he perfectly understands the sound of her voice, intonation and emotion. As they said in psychology, the individual behaviour code starts already before the baby birth and any kind word that only dear mother can say should reflect on the character of this code.


To sums up, in the last trimester of pregnancy my baby can already hear voices, he recognise my voice. He reacts to the sunbeam, the darkness, the smell and even the taste of food (he frowns from salted and smiles from sweet). Most importantly, even in the womb, my baby memorize the language that I speak and people around me. That’s why it is very important to give attention to the baby during pregnancy and talk to him, sing to him. There is no other way to influence the early child development of intelligence and creativity, the sooner the better, and I will definitely try it!


It is interesting that my baby fully reacts to each foreign language I speak. He is so smarty! In fact, by the end of my pregnancy, the baby will be such an experienced listener, so that he could immediately notice switching the languages and react especially on emphasis, accent, intonation of total pattern of speech. According to the scientists, when my baby hear a new sound, he surprises and turns his head to the core of this sound. When the sound repeats the baby memorize it and get used to it, then completely learns a new sound. This experience confirms that baby have already a memory before his or her birth, they can learn.


Absolutely right, Elen. You can also try singing or whispering to the baby. Try to read a favourite poem you like. Cicada sounds combined with the aroma of sweet tobacco flower in the evening garden – perfect relaxation for both – mother and child. You can also try ringing a bell, knocking on a little drum, playing the xylophone – remember, each activity must be gentle with a support of a kindly commentary of yours. It’s your baby and you can offer him a lot of things, that you like the most. A brand new universe – your family, with their sounds and colours, preferences and rules. Acctually, the most important is that there is a place for everyone in this universe, for a daddy for example, and everyone are happy there.

  • Алексей

    Вспомнилась фраза Ульяны, сказанная приерно в пять лет:
    “А зачем вы меня звали, когда я была в животике, чтобы я выходила? У меня от вас даже уши заболели. Я вам отвечала: “Э-э-э”, а вы не слышали”
    Толи на самом деле было так, толь это буйная фантазия – неизвестно.
    Но то, что ребенок в утробе слышит и реагирует на голос и на приконовния мамы-папы -это факт подтвержденный, Так, что разговаривайте с малышом и смотрите, как он вам отвечает.

    • Как здорово и интересно! Может быть, что Ульяночка и слышала. В современном мире есть еще много чего, что нам не известно. У нас забавно получается, когда папа с малышом разговаривает и руку на живот кладет))) Малыш как бы “замирает” от низкого тембра голоса, а потом ногой к-а-ак шевельнет только!)))

  • Здорово и интересно! А может быть Ульяночка и слышала. Не смотря на все знания, полученные в современном мире, мы еще многого не знаем. У нас смешно получается, когда папа разговариет с малышом и трогает животик))) малыш сразу как бы “замирает” и кажется, что прислушивается к низкому голосу)))