Aug 30

32 week + 4

The time has come! And it’s time to sew diapers! It’s not that I’m against of the modern production, but you’ll never know, what come in handy (especially with the newborn…)
sew1 sewing5
As my mother said: “There is never enough diapers in a house, dear, or you may also try sewing once day.” The truth hurts, I don’t sew much. Much more to say – I really don’t))) But the material is worth to try! It’s just a miracle! Flannel is so soft and practical, it’s always at hand – cover, uncover, put under and roll up – for a baby nothing is better.
sew2 sew3
But seriously – why in a modern days…? It’s simple. I feel a new life growing inside me and for today the main care for my future baby is reading, relaxing, doing exercises, healthy eating, going for a walks… sewing diapers, why not? There is 52 days to day D, that I counted. It’s not much.
And I’m waiting… We are waiting))

  • chage

    Молодец! Продолжай в том же духе! (Это еще и проверка Disqus’a – вроде работает)

  • Алексей

    А еще, это первый шаг к просьбе ребенка: “Я тут в свою сумку положила
    стопитсот книг, а у нее почему-то отрвалась ручка, Пришейте,
    А тут раз! и навык есть!

    • Столько книг в одну сумочку))) что же у нас будет…