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Jan 04

Dennis is born!

Denisek po porodu

Almost three months have passed since the birth of our son Dennis. He was very a small baby, just imagine the weight 2.690 kg, and the height only 47 cm! But we are now rapidly gaining weight and today’s Dennis weigh more than a 5 kg! Growing by leaps and bounds. Dennis is already quite …

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Oct 03

The stork is coming!

The stork is coming! Our dear friends Mrazy invited a stork to our home. We made a house on the roof for him. He diligently flapping his wings and soon he will bring us a little baby! Such an interesting tradition comes from Germany – a family that is expecting a baby decorates their house …

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Jul 28

Hello world!


Мой маленький мальчик еще в животе, а мне уже интересно какое первое слово он скажет. “Здравствуй, мир!” или “Zdravím svět!” а может “Hello world!”? Хм… скорее всего для начала ему хватит сил только на “Уа-а! Уа-а!”. Кроха настолько мал, что сейчас на 30 неделе беременности он весит 1,5 кг! (как он туда умещается???) Однако, он …

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