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Oct 03


A little bit different post today, but also important for our family. Me and my baby graduation, we are Bc.! I would like to thank all my family, that helped me really A LOT, I appreciate their patience and trust in me.

Sep 24

Delivery room

For the first time today we were at the hospital, which we should visit every week till to the day of birth and where the experienced doctors will take a good care to us and also we have seen the delivery room. I was very happy when I saw a comfortable room and the atmosphere …

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Sep 23

About our health

It is important to have a contact to a good children’s doctor. Who will write reports about vaccination, illnesses and drugs of my child from the main starting point until he will be 18… We had had many requirements for a children’s doctor and we think, that we have chosen the right doctor. First, a …

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Sep 07

“Language learning” before birth

I have discovered something amazing! I have discovered that mother’s voice is the most important voice for the baby. During the pregnancy, his brain has long been preparing for the future speech activity and I suppose the only soung that pleases, excites, calms and teaches the baby is definitely the sound of the mother’s voice. …

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Aug 30

32 week + 4

The time has come! And it’s time to sew diapers! It’s not that I’m against of the modern production, but you’ll never know, what come in handy (especially with the newborn…) As my mother said: “There is never enough diapers in a house, dear, or you may also try sewing once day.” The truth hurts, …

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Aug 26

32 week + 1

prenatal yoga

  Exercices Lara Dutta Photo  

Aug 21

31 неделя + 2


Прочитала в интернете о календаре беременности. Я хожу к обыкновенному чешскому гинекологу в клинику на I.P.Pavlova и мне не было сказано об этом календаре, и даже после моего замечания на тему “а нужно ли?”. Доктор сказал, что достаточно, что я просто чувствую движения малыша. Все-таки я решила сделать самостоятельно для забавы календарик беременности.  Полезная вещь! …

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Aug 20

31 неделя +1

Разговариваю и пою животику перед сном. Буду стараться практиковать каждый день и вести отчет. Если верить Никитиным, написавших книгу «Мы и наши дети» малыш после рождения четче воспринимает мелодии и звуки, услышанные еще во время нахождения в утробе матери. Значит и малыш будет засыпать спокойнее под знакомую мелодию и голос! Сейчас на 31 неделе начинаю …

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