Sep 24

Delivery room

For the first time today we were at the hospital, which we should visit every week till to the day of birth and where the experienced doctors will take a good care to us and also we have seen the delivery room. I was very happy when I saw a comfortable room and the atmosphere were just like at home.

родильное отделение

There is a sofa, a chair, a table, a TV, a radio and some sport accessories – everything for dads that cannot miss a football match! Of course, It is a joke.


Nearby there is a unique chair, which transforms into the bed and other helpful chairs, that are sometimes useful during the birth process, also that chair or bed is already taken by a mommy that will be taken away to the fresh mama’s room directly on this bed. A baby will be at the cradle next to mommy.
We were said that the heart of my baby is beating like it is written in a medical book, we were very happy!