Jan 04

Dennis is born!

Almost three months have passed since the birth of our son Dennis. He was very a small baby, just imagine the weight 2.690 kg, and the height only 47 cm! But we are now rapidly gaining weight and today’s Dennis weigh more than a 5 kg! Growing by leaps and bounds. Dennis is already quite a big boy – about 60 cm. We will see, if he will be as large as he’s grandfather Valerij.
We are so happy with him!!! And you know, I can’t imagine a life without him anymore.
Denisek po porodu
From the first day of birth, our Dennis is already a swimmer of course with a help of grandmother as a professional specialist and a grandfather as a swim coach and of course with a father that actually teachs Dennis to swim. A grandmother Olga keep an eye on a swim technique, that we are using and together we’re preparing a metodology.
Denis 2 a pul
If you are interesting in how to teach your child to swim, please write a comment.