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Oct 03

The stork is coming!

The stork is coming! Our dear friends Mrazy invited a stork to our home. We made a house on the roof for him. He diligently flapping his wings and soon he will bring us a little baby! Such an interesting tradition comes from Germany – a family that is expecting a baby decorates their house …

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Sep 23

About our health

It is important to have a contact to a good children’s doctor. Who will write reports about vaccination, illnesses and drugs of my child from the main starting point until he will be 18… We had had many requirements for a children’s doctor and we think, that we have chosen the right doctor. First, a …

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Jul 28

Hello world!


Мой маленький мальчик еще в животе, а мне уже интересно какое первое слово он скажет. “Здравствуй, мир!” или “Zdravím svět!” а может “Hello world!”? Хм… скорее всего для начала ему хватит сил только на “Уа-а! Уа-а!”. Кроха настолько мал, что сейчас на 30 неделе беременности он весит 1,5 кг! (как он туда умещается???) Однако, он …

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